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 Lista Sposobnosti

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PostSubject: Lista Sposobnosti   Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:50 am

Ability Replication

The ability to replicate one ability at a time through physical contact.

Ability Supercharging

The ability to supercharge other evolved human abilities.

Accelerated Probability

The ability to predict the probability of a certain event correctly and accelerate one's self to achieve those predictions.

Acid Secretion

The ability to generate highly corrosive fluids.

Adoptive Muscle Memory

The ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed.

Age Shifting

The ability to change one's own age.


The ability to change the molecular composition of any material to gold.

Alejandro's Ability

The ability to absorb and counter the effects of Maya's ability.

Appearance Alteration

The ability to change the skin, hair, and vocal cords of another person.

Aura Absorption

The ability to see auras and take the lives and powers of others.

Bliss and Horror

The ability to bring about feelings of bliss and horror in others.

Body Insertion

The ability to insert a person into someone else's body.

Bone Spike Protrusion

The ability to create bone spikes that protrude from one's body.

Chlorine Gas Exudation

The ability to exhale chlorine gas instead of carbon dioxide.


The ability to perceive the history of an object by touching it.


The ability to see distant people and things.


The ability to vegetatively replicate oneself and produce identical clones.


The ability to mimic the attributes of a constricting snake, including squeezing extra-tightly with one's body, numbing with one's touch and gender neutrality.


The ability to crumple and deform objects.

David's Ability

The ability to growl and charge at others viciously.


The ability to remove the water contained in objects or people by force of will.

Disintegration Touch

Felicia's name for her evolved ability.

Dream Manipulation

The ability to manipulate the dreams of others.


The ability to to stretch, deform, expand, and contract one's body.

Electric Manipulation

The ability to create and direct electrical arcs.

Electrical Absorption

The ability to absorb and subsequently release electrical energy.

Electronic Communication

The ability to intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with one's mind.

Empathic Mimicry

The ability to duplicate the powers of other evolved humans within proximity and reproduce them at will when thinking about the original source of the power.

Enhanced Hearing

The ability to hear sounds beyond normal limits.

Enhanced Memory

The ability to quickly absorb and accurately retain great amounts of information.

Enhanced Strength

The ability to exert greater than normal physical force.


The ability to propel oneself through the air.

Forcefield Projection

The ability to create and manipulate forcefields.


The ability to reduce temperatures and freeze objects by force of will.

Future Terrorist's Ability

The ability to shoot a concentrated flow of green energy or liquid from the hand.

Gravitational Manipulation

The ability to create gravitational vacuums.


The ability to heal the wounds of others.


The ability to alter the perceptions of others.

Impenetrable Skin

The ability of one's skin to not be penetrated by anything.


The ability to mentally imprint marks onto surfaces.

Induced Radioactivity

The ability to manipulate the movement of subatomic particles, thus generating and emitting toxic radiation.

Intuitive Aptitude

The ability to analyze complex systems and intuitively understand how they work without special education or training.


The ability to not be seen.

Laser Emission

The ability to generate a beam of coherent light.


The ability to levitate and move extremely heavy objects.

Lie Detection

The ability to detect when others lie.


The ability to emit light from one's body.

Lung Adaptation

The ability to adapt one's lungs to any environment.

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the cheerleader


Number of posts : 164
Age : 30
Location : Level 5
Registration date : 2008-10-23

PostSubject: Re: Lista Sposobnosti   Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:57 pm


The ability to manipulate ferrous objects and materials.


The ability to view the spirits of the deceased.


The ability to melt solid materials.

Mental Manipulation

The ability to manipulate others' minds, causing them to lose memories or be prevented from using mental powers.

Metal Mimicry

The ability to transmute one's own body into metal.

Microwave Emission

The ability to emit rays of microwaves from one's hands.

Mohinder's Ability

The ability to possess enhanced human senses, instinct, and strength.

Nerve Gas Emission

The ability to emit nerve gas when sweating.

Neurocognitive Deficit

The ability to shut down the upper brain functions of surrounding individuals.

Oil Secretion

The ability to secrete oil from one's hands.


The ability to automatically understand all verbal and non-verbal communication.


The ability to force others to obey one's spoken commands.


The ability to pass through solid objects at will.

Plant Growth

The ability to accelerate plant growth.

Plant Manipulation

The ability to mimic and create plants and other vegetation.

Poison Emission

The ability to harm or kill people in the immediate area by emitting a deadly poison.

Power Absorption

The ability to steal another's ability, rendering them powerless.


The ability to accurately predict future events through paintings.

Precognitive Dreaming

The ability to see the future through dreams.

Primal Rage

The ability to induce an uncontrollable rage in others.

Puppet Master

The ability to control a person's physical actions.


The ability to create and control fire using the power of the mind.

Rapid Cell Regeneration

The ability to heal wounds quickly without any scarring.


The ability to lull victims into a sedated state.

Sound Absorption

The ability to absorb and nullify sound waves.

Sound Manipulation

The ability to manipulate sound waves using one's voice.

Space-time Manipulation

The ability to alter the space-time continuum, including slowing down, speeding up, reversing, stopping, moving backwards and forwards through time, and moving instantaneously through space.

Super Speed

The ability to move at a higher rate than normal.


The ability to control and manipulate technology with the mind.


The ability to move objects with the mind.


The ability to mentally control functions of the brain.


The ability to instantly move between two locations.

Telescopic Vision

The ability to see clearly in darkness and magnify vision to various levels.

Trevor's Ability

The ability to shatter objects without physical contact.

Underwater Breathing

The ability to breathe underwater.

Wall Crawling

The ability to crawl up walls effortlessly.

Water Mimicry

The ability to mimic water.

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Lista Sposobnosti
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